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ITW Progressive Delta Conyne Kite Stack

The best selection, service and guarantee since 1980.

Our Line of Kites - Having a kite store in a place with some of the worst winds on the planet, we've learned what separates kites that fly well from kites that fly great. Together with leading kite designers, we've turned that experience into some of the best flying kites anywhere.

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Customer Review

Awesome kite! I bought this for my girlfriend who loves traditional kites, but wasn't quite sure about stunt kites. Within 10 minutes she was able to make it do all sorts of tricks. It is very durable also, as we crashed it, sometimes hard, multiple times. With 10+ mph winds, there is no effort to fly this kite, it wants to jump out of your hands. It is a breeze to fly and easy to learn how to control it. Extremely fun, we will be buying more of these to give as presents.   - jasonchandler19
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You can't go wrong with these foolproof fliers.

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The leading online kite store, Into The Wind is located in Boulder, Colorado.